Mornings & Marriage & Marc

Suddenly my sweet sleep was interrupted by a loud obnoxious song. (Anything and everything is obnoxious before 7:00 AM) I open my eyes and try to figure out what's going on as I reach for the source of the music, my phone. 

It's my fiancé, Marc. Giving me my morning wake-up call. I clear my throat a couple times and answer in what I hope is my most alive and chipper-sounding voice before it goes to the machine.

"Good Morning!" I chirp (which really sounded more like a croak. I sound like a gravely man when I first wake up). 

"Well good morning to you too, babe! What have you been up to today?" Marc answers annoyingly really chipper and alive. 

So I do what any normal person feeling guilty about not being active before the sun is up does, I answer his question with a question, "Ohhh a little of this and that. What have you been up to?" I know. I'm so sly. Take notes, ladies. 

"Well I had some breakfast and headed to the farm a little early today so I could get a head start on working on the Loader and ..." Honestly I know he said more but I couldn't comprehend what he was saying because 1. it was still early and I wasn't firing on all cylinders and 2. my brain was trying to come up with something to say next to make myself sound less lazy. I came back to earth when he said, "So really, what have you been up to this morning?" 

He knew I was still in bed. I KNEW he knew cause I could tell he was smiling through his question. So I decided to lie and see where that got me. "Well I've just been on a run. Ran 5 miles today! Then I started in on some laundry and had a big breakfast. I was just solving world hunger when you called." 

Of course my lie didn't work since he immediately asked me what I'd come up with for solving world hunger so far and I couldn't come up with anything. So I came clean, "I'm still in bed! You woke me up..."

He laughed and said he knew and that it was okay! He then told me he had to go and he loved me.

Fast-forward 6 months. Marc and I are married, living on the farm, and I'm still waking up to obnoxious music in the morning before the sun is up, and I'd like to say I pop right out of bed with my husband, make him a yummy breakfast, give him a snack, water, and a smooch for the road like a Leave it to Beaver episode. I'd like to, but the truth is you'll find me still in bed, struggling to get my legs to do what my brain is half-telling them to do and "move!" Marc usually has to come into the room after fending for himself with breakfast and say goodbye to me and get his smooch for the road. 

I will never be a morning person. And I will never be a Leave it to Beaver wife. But I'm determined that someday, I'll be able to get up routinely before the sun does. In the meantime, I'm so thankful for a husband and best friend that understands my struggle and makes the effort to come say goodbye to me in the mornings. I'm thankful for a husband that works hard everyday to provide for our family and that he gets up early so he can start everyday reading his Bible and praying. I'm thankful to be loved for who I am regardless of my short-comings. 

A year ago today Marc asked me to be his girlfriend which started a whirlwind of dating, getting engaged, getting married and moving! So this post goes out to my hubby. Happy one year anniversary (of dating ha!) Marc! I love you very much! 

Living in a Warzone

It all started with a simple idea. A simple idea to better our home. (If you know me, you have a pretty good idea where this story is already headed: disaster).

Marc and I recently moved out to his grandparents farmhouse. Since we moved in, we've been making changes to make the home ours. As typically happens with old homes, especially homes in the country, there was some cleaning and touching up to do. 

So a couple weeks ago, my parents were going to make the trek from Utah to Kansas to visit Marc and I on their way to Missouri. Naturally, I wanted to impress my parents with how grown up I was and how pretty our house was.

Taking initiative one Saturday morning, I marched down to the basement and got out the paint supplies. We had found some paint labelled "Kitchen" a few weeks prior and I was determined to touch up the little spots on the walls of the Kitchen. 

I paint a few little spots here and there and watch as the color of the wet paint slowly fades into the pre-existing paint. 

"I'm pretty good at this paint thing. It looks way better!" I half mumble, half say in my head to myself. 

Feeling victorious, I begin scanning the rest of the walls with an oh-so-critial eye. 

"The paint in the entryway needs some help... I'll paint over there too!" I think to myself and start furiously painting away at any and all smudges or dings in the walls. 

Before I really know what I'm doing I'm touching up spots in the living room too; that's when Marc comes in the house from working outside.

"Oh hey! You got the touch up paint out! Nice!" Marc says. 

I turn to proudly nod and examine my work on the entryway when I notice that the paint on these walls isn't exactly fading like it did on the kitchen wall. My proud smile fades into a squinty-eyed peer. 

"Yeah, except it's not fading! Why doesn't it look right!?" I demand from Marc. He just smiles and tells me to give it half an hour and it'll look just like the kitchen walls. Satisfied enough, I move on to the laundry room and paint a big old spot directly in the middle of the wall. 

I immediately realized my mistake with the laundry room wall. The paint DEFINITELY did not match. 

I slowly back away from the wall and head back out to the living room and entryway. Yep. The paint is definitely wrong and NOT fading. And it's definitely been 30 minutes since I painted it. Marc comes back inside, and this time stops when he sees me examining my walls and starts laughing, "It looks like a war zone in here!" 

I wanted to glare at him, but I couldn't help chuckling when I looked at the walls. If I had some camo on I could have blended into the walls perfectly. 

It's too bad war zone painted houses aren't in style, I would have left it like that. 

Here are some more photos of cows, and Bill, and Marc cause I can't seem to photograph anything else these days. <3 I love them all so very much!