The Farmhouse

I'm going to take a break from sharing embarrassing stories for a blog post, and simply post some photos of our home. Now, I realized after I took the photos that they all happen to be fairly girly (i.e. all girly decorations...). My farmer is such a champ allowing me to decorate most of the house! However, the basement is a man-paradise; full of antlers, sports, and man-like things... like uh. OH! Tools! There are tools down there too. 

Anyways, we've really made this house a home and I'm thankful everyday that we get to live here! How blessed we are. 

P.S. Come stay in our cute guest room and read classic novels with pretty covers. ;)

My husband is a ham, and has little patience for photography when food is at hand... Exhibit A

and Exhibit B

Haha half kidding. He quizzically watched while I took a zillion photos and then thought it would be hilarious if he pretended to try to eat them in some photos.