Buffalo Chicken and Snot

So I've never considered myself to be a "good cook." I grew up in a home where my mom did most of the cooking, and it was always super good. So I never needed to cook. 

Enter phase two of life: marriage. 

Mamma ain't around to cook me meals anymore. It was my time to step up to the plate and become Ree Drummond, pioneer woman extraordinaire! Making meals like no one has ever tasted before, writing cookbooks in my spare time! 

I may have high expectations for myself...

Thankfully, Marc lived the bachelor life for several years. When we were dating, I saw the state of his fridge and let me tell you it was not worth running the electricity to it. The man lived on eggs and milk and meat. 

This automatically made anything I cooked the best thing he'd ever had. (well except for his mom's cooking... which will rightfully always beat anything else). So my guinea pig was a very willing subject to all my experimenting in the kitchen. 

Then today happened. 

Today I found this recipe from this brilliant lady who is my new best blogger friend (never talked to her, but I love the lady). She has an entire list of tried and true field lunches and I found a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Sliders I had to test out on my guinea pig. 

Marc and I are two of the whitest people on the planet. Meaning our little german palettes cannot handle too much spice (if any). But I figured the recipe wouldn't be too hot.

Marc get's home for lunch and I explain that I was testing a potential field lunch out on him. I also warned him that it may be hot. (I'm always telling him what went wrong with my cooking before we eat it. Gotta bring that expectation down so it tastes better...) 

He took one bite and immediately says "Woah, that's hot!"

"Is it?" I ask and take a big bite that burns my lips, tongue, stomach lining, face... "I guess it is." I say and start chugging water. 

"It's got good flavor! It's just really hot." Marc says and takes another big bite. 

"Yeah." I say, somewhat disappointed in my buffalo chicken skills.

"It's really good." Marc says again with nose and eyes watering. "It's good, I think my dad would really like it too... just if it wasn't so hot." He starts to say and I bust out laughing. 

"If you have to say 'its really good' that many times in 5 minutes... it's gotta be pretty bad." I say and we both fall into a mini fit of laughter. 

We finished our sliders with tears, snot, and kleenex, but by golly, we got em down! I think that is the first time Marc has EVER declined seconds. So we have leftovers and lots of it, which I was excited about until I realized no one would eat it... But I fully intend on making it again... just with half the amount of hot sauce. And maybe with the Blue Cheese sauce to help cool it down.

If you want to know what I'll be making for my farmers for lunches, check out Prairie Californian and her list of tractor lunches! I've also already made the No Bake Peanut Butter Cereal Bars, (with more success).  ;) 

Photos from the other morning when I actually got up before the sun and followed my farmer around.