Living in the Country

Since moving to Kansas, I have discovered some facts about living in the country that I just simply MUST share for all thinking about making the transition from city slick to country chick. (Ha wow that rhymed a little and I'm a teensy bit impressed with myself). 

Not that I really considered myself a city slick before, but I have learned quite a few rules. So without further ado here are 8 facts,


1. It’s impossible to go anywhere incognito. Everyone knows everyone. Oh, you thought you could get away with a quick trip to the store in your favorite jammies, orange and pink socks, and giraffe shoes? Think. Again. You will be caught. And sadly, ducking and running away is frowned on here and thought of as rude...

2. There is no such thing as "I'll run to the store real quick." It takes thirty minutes minimum to get to a grocery store and back. If you're missing an ingredient, it's over. Forget about the teaspoon of cornstarch and just pretend nothing's missing. 

3. There are no real landmarks. No trees. No mountains. Just fields. You must know which direction is South, North, East, and West and learn who owns what field. (This is vital because of number 5.) 

4. If you pass someone on the road, you wave. Don't know who you're waving at? Doesn't matter. Seeing someone on the road is a miracle in itself so you wave out of joy of making human contact. 

5. When (not if) you get stuck out on a dirt road, someone is nearby with a tractor, truck, machine of some kind, to rescue you. Better than ANY roadside assistance program. But the kicker is you have to know where you are... "I'm by a field of wheat stubble." Doesn't cut it. (please refer to number 3).

6. Blacktop is different than Highway is different than Interstate. Learn. This. Much mirth and laughter will be made at your expense otherwise. 

7. White things never stay white long. The Kitchen floor, my favorite lace Keds, my face. Dirt is a hot commodity here in Kansas and we have lots of it. 

8. Some of the best people in the world live here. And you should too! I say all the above to mostly poke fun at my ignorance in moving here and poke a little fun at Kansas in general, but truth be told: I truly love it here. And a BIG reason why are the people I've met so far. You'll never find more generous, funny, humble, and kind people than in the country of Southwest Kansas. Totally worth some dirty Kitchen floors, muddy shoes, and flat tires. 

Because I can't make a post without photos. Here are some photos of Marc and I's favorite pup, Bill. Bill Snyder Molitor likes the farm, running, chasing rabbits, bird hunting, and cuddling. (He is also the source of the dirt on the floors, and always has a new grease or mud spot on his fur somewhere.) Everyday and everyone is his favorite and he brings lots of joy to those who know him. All American dog and we love him very much!