Our farmhouse is a place where my family and I are able to find retreat, rest, and creativity. Farmhouse Stories was created to compile a collection of ordinary stories that I hope you can relate to and perhaps get a tiny chuckle out of, as well as to showcase your stories!

I love taking photos and especially enjoy catering them to your family and your personality. I want you to be able to see your photos years from now and nostalgically be able to tell your children and grandchildren stories from this time in your life.


Hi! My name is Brianna Molitor! I live in Southwest Kansas in a farmhouse with my husband, Marc, our sweet baby, Alice, and our adorable farm pup, Daisy Dog. We enjoy spending time together, eating breakfast for dinner, and diy projects. 

When Marc is out farming and ranching, you can usually find me designing, baking something in the kitchen, or being as goofy as I can to get Alice to laugh (baby laughs are the best in the world). I love learning how to be a country girl and have fallen in love with Kansas!